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  • CANVAS COURSE PLATFORM Access program content and contribute to class discussions on your own schedule and at your own pace each week.
  • TRANSFER EVALUATION Request an evaluation of academic transcripts and applicable training (military and law enforcement).
  • EXPERT FACULTY Our adjunct faculty is made up of more than 100 experts from across the U.S. At the OU College of Professional and Continuing Studies, you learn from the best.


Critical Thinking for Professionals

The Organizational Leadership program teaches you the fundamentals needed to succeed as a leader in an organization. You’ll learn what makes an effective leader and how they set direction, guide followers toward an inspiring vision, and help people visualize what might be achieved if their efforts are combined.


Be Ready for Changing Job Markets

The Integrative Studies program focuses on helping you grow as a person—not just a professional—and gives you invaluable analytical job skills in the process. Being good at your job isn’t just about how much you know or what you’re best at; it’s also about how you think. Are you able to develop innovative solutions to problems? 

Lifespan Care Administration

Improve Quality of Life

Advances in medical technology have increased longevity. The Lifespan Care Administration program teaches you caregiving best practices across the lifespan, and prepares you to provide quality care no matter the healthcare environment. You’ll learn how to excel in all aspects of caregiving throughout the stages of life.


Serve the Common Good

The Criminal Justice program shows you how criminal justice relates to police, courts, and the corrections system, giving you a solid understanding of law enforcement issues. You’ll build leadership and conflict resolution skills, and leave the program prepared to confront challenges efficiently and professionally.

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